They have worked with groups large and small including Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Four Paws, the Transnational Institute, Fairphone, IKEA Foundation, OurFish, and many, many more. Brian has spent most of his career bending narrative forms and new technology to building a better world. He drove the early adoption of digital communications at Greenpeace International in the 80s and innovation in the use of the web as an activist tool in the 90s. He's been a clicktivist and riskivist, and his activist resume includes delaying a nuclear weapons test detonation by camping out near ground zero in the Nevada desert with four colleagues, hanging a banner on the Statue of Liberty, and flying a hot air balloon over a military installation. With Dancing Fox, Brian has led teams and shaped strategies that have moved entire industries, governments, and sectors to more sustainable behaviours.


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