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16:15 23/6

it's a wrap!  the documents were adopted, the action plan in place. 


12:23 23/6

Ireland, one of the originators of the NPT and Thailand, will be responsible for the working group on complementarity to work during the inter-sessional period for the TPNW.  Congratulations!

12:22 23/6

As we move into the next section, a little reminder of why we're here and why it's so very important.

11:55 23/6

Ireland  and Thailand emphasize the complementary nature of the TPNW and the NPT

10:52 23/6

States just agreed to set up a Scientific and Technical Advisory Group for the treaty- with nominations due in 90 days.

10:00 23/6

Final day of the 1MSP! Draft decisions and an action plan are up for discussion.

Documents here

17:35 22/6

17:25 22/6

Thunderous applause after Association 193 concludes their remarks

15:56 22/6

Decision on the deadline for disarmament is decided! 10 years (once a nuclear armed country joins the treaty).

15:52 22/6

Of course the discussion about nuclear disarmament is not limited to this room alone- there's also quite a lot going on around the world.

15:38 22/6

How long does it take to disarm? This is a question that the MSP is dealing with-  and the proposal is, based on all available technical and scientific data, that all the nuclear weapons can be safely, securely, and verifiably disarmed in a decade. The facilities for nuclear weapon dismantlement already exist, so nuclear - armed states can start now. 

15:33 22/6

Ambassador of Kiribati gets the room's energy up with a rousing plea for us to come together.

15:00 22/6

Back from lunch and a powerful statement bringing us together in the room. 

14:00 22/6

So many side events taking place at the same time!

12:59 22/6

ICAN's Tim Wright calls on states to use the opportunity of the High Level Segment at UN General Assembly to sign the treaty or deposit the instrument of ratification as a way to universalise the treaty. 

12:41 22/6

Cuba comes to the Universalisation debate with more than a handful of suggestions:

  1. National declarations on the anniversaries of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to call for TPNW universalisation.
  2. Statements made at the NPT should refer positively to the TPNW.
  3. on 26 September, the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons- issue a statement on behalf of all Member States
  4. Include reference to the necessity for universalistaion of the TPNW in the Head of State and Government statements to the High Level Segment of the UNGA in September.
  5. On years where there is no MSP, have an informal meeting at UNHQ of all Members
  6. Ensure that the annual UNGA resolution on the TPNW is co-sponsored by all States Parties

12:36 22/6

Veronique Chistory from ICRC presenting the ways and means the ICRC seeks to support states in efforts to ratify and implement the treaty.

12:13 22/6

Costa Rica is laying out the plan to get to Treaty Universalisation- including through broad stakeholder cooperation.

12:05 22/6

And the general debate is concluded, with some strong statements from the stakeholders everyone keeps asking to get involved, but don't always want to listen to.....

10:04 22/6

And we're off- day two has begun with a continuation of the general debate. Find the list of speakers here. MSP-TV this morning provided a quick catch-up to some of the major events of yesterday.

18:10 21/6

The first day of the MSP is concluded, thanks to everyone for getting us off to such an amazing start!

17:50 21/6

Parliamentarians for the TPNW take the floor and issue a joint statement resulting from their conference yesterday.

17:19 21/6

ICAN's nuclear testing map is live!

16:25 21/6

Nagasaki Mayor takes the floor, reaffirming the important role of ALL stakeholders in preparing for a world without nuclear weapons. 

15:00 21/6

And we're back from a lot of different side events over lunch. What's going to happen this afternoon? 

13:55 21/6

Press conference on the margins of the meeting in the lunch pause.

12:55 21/6

The first civil society statement was delivered by Etica Investments, and called for States Parties to support.

12:10 21/6

Peru is taking the floor, and the list of speakers has started. Check out the live list here.

11:56 21/6

Now we're taking care of administrative matters- adopting the agenda, Rules of Procedure and the three Vice Presidents- Kazakhstan, Mexico and Thailand- are decided.

11:52 21/6

We've heard from Ministers and Heads of State who demand action, and accountability and a path forward provided by the TPNW.

10:50 21/6

The money spent on nuclear weapons is what the developed nations were promised to help with sustainable development. Prime Minister of Fiji

10:41 21/6

"Without the voices of survivors we would not be here, and we would not have a TPNW" says Conference President Kmentt in response to the statement of testing survivor from Kazakhstan Karipbek Kuyukov.

10:33 21/6

What we have prohibited, we must now work to eliminate. ICAN's Beatrice Fihn says during her opening remarks.

10:24 21/6

Those survivors whose testimonies have informed and educated so many, we owe this treaty to them.

10:21 21/6

UN Secretary General sent a video message to the opening of the conference, noting we must stop knocking at doomsday's door, the TPNW is an important step towards a world free of nuclear weapons, and that we must eliminate these weapons before they eliminate us.

10:16 21/6

It's on! The First Meeting of States Parties to the TPNW has officially begun.  It started with the election of the President of the Conference, Ambassador Alexander Kmentt. Congratulations on your election, Ambassador Kmentt!

9:00 21/6

Campaigner briefing! Getting the energy up and remembering what we're here for-  to end nuclear weapons forever.

8:00 21/6

Team Reaching Critical Will is providing daily updates of the 1MSP

11:45 PM 20/6

Amazing! We just got confirmation from the Office of Legal Affairs, there are three new States Parties to the TPNW.

6:15 PM 20/6

Thank you Austria!

5:35 PM 20/6

History matters, geography matters.

3:44 PM 20/6

When we look to provide assistance to affected communities, we need to think about more than just medical assistance. Those impacted are often in under-developed areas, and so we need to consider socio-economic issues as well. We cannot talk about nuclear weapons without talking about the humanitarian impact- its the minimum we can do.

3:15 PM 20/6

After hearing from survivors this morning and then talking about risks before lunch, now we're taking a deep dive into the physical and climate impacts of nuclear weapons.

2:30 20/6

It seems impossible, until we look back and it seemed inevitable. 

12:53 20/6

Risks, uncertainties, and impacts- that's what drives action to eliminate nuclear weapons. The morning session of HINW2022Vienna concludes with renewed vigor and determination.

12:00 20/6

During the coffee break, at HINW2022Vienna people are taking advantage of the VR experience "On the Morning You Wake".

11:35 AM 20/6

Girls are twice as likely to get cancer than boys- as shown in the evidence gathered about those exposed to ionizing radiation between age 3-5. This is why the TPNW recognises the disproportionate impact of nuclear weapon on women and girls, because the evidence demands it.

10:50 AM 20/6

The HINW2022Vienna hearing from the survivors of nuclear weapons use and testing has generated a combination of emotion and empowerment. 

10:17 AM 20/6

Former Director of the IAEA and Nobel Peace Laureate Mohamed ElBaradei and UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu provide stimulating opening remarks linking the urgency and priority of dealing with nuclear weapons.

10:03 AM 20/6

It's begun- the 2022 Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons (HINW22Vienna) starts off with a room full of conference buzz (and no stairs!).  Lines were long to get in, but now we're here. Want to follow live?

9:45 AM 20/6

Did you catch MSP-TV? Interviews with Bonnie Docherty, Hinemouera Cross and Austria's George Wilhelm Galholfer.

4:00 PM 19/6

And that's a wrap!

More than 40 sessions, over 100 speakers, old friends and new friends, the Nuclear Ban Forum is wrapped up. 

10:20 AM 19/6

It's not often you see a room moved to tears when talking about the power and possibility of international law, but that's exactly what happened after Ambassador Maritza Chan took the floor.

11:00 AM 17/6

Are you ready?

We're less than 24 hours away from the start of Nuclear Ban Week! Preparations for the ICAN Nuclear Ban Forum are well underway at the ICAN Austria office and at the Aula, and we've already run into some of our fantastic campaigners. 

If you're not in Vienna, but want to participate online, make sure you register here!

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