The Curious Case of Austria: Introducing Austria’s history and role in nuclear disarmament
Starting with a public movement against a planned power plant… Austria developed a (global) leading role in nuclear disarmament

A big public movement against a planned power plant, a Constitutional Law for an “atom-free” country and Austria’s neutrality as a special asset paved the way for Austria to become one of the global leaders for a nuclear ban. How did this specific role and engagement help to shape the nuclear weapons debate and movement?

Lucia Hämmerle (FOR Fellowship of Reconciliation - Austrian Branch, ICAN Austria) is since her youth active in Austria’s peace and disarmament community.

Neutrality: Heinz Gärtner (University of Vienna) is a professor for Politics and on the Advisory Board of the International Institute for Peace.

MFA: Susanne Hammer (Federal Ministry European and International Affairs - Republic of Austria) (TBC) is working in the Department for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation in the Austrian MFA.

ICAN Austria: Fabian Hämmerle (ICAN Austria) is a board member of ICAN Austria.