The Ban Plan means a lot of things to a lot of people - and we usually don't hear about all the reasons why this is the blueprint for disarmament.

The TPNW has a direct and consistent impact that delegitimizes nuclear weapons and keeps the focus not on any one state, but instead on the devastating humanitarian impacts caused by any use of these weapons. The TPNW is connected to other instruments that built up the architecture necessary to achieve, and maintain, a world where the possession of nuclear weapons is unthinkable. This session is also an opportunity to hear from stakeholders who have worked to reinforce the norms around illicit and indiscriminate weapons, and look ahead to ways they can do that to forever take the nuclear option off the table.

Hon Phil Twyford, Minister for Disarmament, Aotearoa/ New Zealand

Elayne Whyte, Chair of TPNW Negotiations

Tommy Piemonte, Bank für Kirche und Caritas

Nadja Schmidt, ICAN Austria